Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Payday Loans - A Good Choice or Not...?

We have all experienced the stress and worry that comes along when we experience a financial emergency or run out of cash before payday and find we need some money. It's not a good feeling at all. Trying to manage when you have run out of money before payday can be difficult and uncomfortable. For most of us it's not possible to muddle through, especially if we have families to think of and need money to get to work!
However, while short term cash advances are proving to be a helpful solution for millions of people, we always advise enquirers to think carefully before borrowing money, for any duration of time.

Whether you are considering a long term loan from a bank or a short term payday loan, it is extremely important you consider the implications.

Firstly, can you afford to make the repayments? A short term loan is designed to be paid back in full upon your next payday. Before a plying for a loan of this type, it is vital you calculate your monthly outgoings against your known regular income. Knowing exactly what you can afford will give you the real picture of what you have left after your bills and monthly commitments have been paid.

Would it be enough to pay back in full what you would like to borrow?
If the answer is no, then maybe a short term loan is not your best option. Don't be tempted to put other things off for a month in order to pay of a spur of the moment loan which will make things feel better for a short time. It is better to think more long term with regard to your finances.

Your financial security is of paramount importance to you and your family. Longer term financial difficulties will only accumulate if you use any type of borrowing to plaster over the cracks rather than dealing with them in a more controlled way.

Many reputable lenders have professional advisers who will be able to answer your questions so you know exactly how much a loan would cost you, what the fees are and when it would need to be repaid by. Find out if there are any hidden charges or additional fees that may be applied. This can make a real difference to what you have to repay. Reputable companies will make their charges very clear from the outset.

However, be careful and ask! There are some less than scrupulous lenders out there who apply fees for early repayments and hidden fees for a number of reasons. Always check before you commit.

The best lenders are those who have a solid reputation amongst a wide variety of customers from different walks of life. You will be able to find reviews and feedback on a lenders services if they are good. Also, the best lenders will be more than happy to speak to you, answer your questions and offer you advice if you are not sure. Reputable companies will not be giving you the hard sell.