Friday, November 2, 2012

Medical Marketing Can Improve Your Patients Lives

A health care provider's main goal should always be focused on providing high quality service to patients. After all, we are talking about someone's health. Second to that, a clinics goal should be to attract as many patients as possible so that others can experience the great services you are providing at your practice.
Your primary goal can be achieved by developing your skills and by learning more about emerging medical concepts and technology to constantly improve the work you're able to provide. However, in order to easily reach your second goal, you need to have an effective marketing strategy. Medical marketing is different from other forms of marketing strategies. There are a number of factors that go into medical marketing which don't necessarily apply to other industries.
First off, let me point out that there are quite a few doctors across the United States. To be specific, there are around 200,000 dentists, 53,000 chiropractors 35,000 optometrists and nearly 700,000 physicians. With numbers like these, it's fairly clear that the competition is getting fiercer and it is more important than ever to work on ensuring that your practice stands out from the crowd.
There are some key differences when it comes to medical marketing such as:
1. Medical marketing has to be factual
As a doctor, the best way to maintain your client's trust is to be factual. In doing medical marketing, you have to be honest with the services that you can truly provide. Other types of marketing may rely more heavily on exciting messaging than on the actual products and services being offered in an honest capacity. As a trusted medical professional, you are working hard to build up credibility so this is an important aspect of your message.
2. Reputation vs. cost
Your reputation is one of the most important assets you own. Therefore, it's key to always be working on increasing your reputation. While other types of marketing need to focus more on costs and differentiators, you don't. Costs aren't as big of a factor since insurance typically picks up a large piece of it so your patients aren't as cost conscious as someone shopping for a couch for example. Your reputation is the main selling point you will have at your disposal which is something you can control and should constantly be working towards.
3. Quality vs. quantity
If your initial clients have testified that your service is of high-quality, you will naturally get more patients to come and see you. Therefore, by focusing on the quality of your services instead of the quantity of patients you get in front of, you will naturally increase the patient base of your clinic. Other types of industries need to focus much more on getting in front of as many people as possible whereas you will need to focus more on maintaining the highest quality of service which will in turn drive natural interest from new patients
Why you should market yourself
There are many reasons on why you, as a health care provider, should spend time to market yourself and your services. The following are some of these reasons.
1. To increase your regular patients
People in general are very visual. If your patients come in and are constantly greeted by a steady flow of satisfied patients coming in and out of your office, they will naturally think that you know what you are doing. Conversely, if they come in and are consistently the only person in your office during that time, they may have doubts about your overall abilities as a result. While this is obviously not the fairest way to evaluate the merits of a medical professional, it is nonetheless a fact of life and something you will want to be aware of. Therefore, increasing your regular patients will have a self-fulfilling prophesy of increasing your patients opinions of you on a subconscious level.
2. To grow your overall practice revenue
Let's face the fact that running a practice is expensive. There are many overhead costs on everything from labor to malpractice insurance and there are a number of patients you need to bring in the door every month just to break even. Focusing time on increasing your patient base will ultimately lead to more revenue. This in turn will allow you to hire more staff, improve your facilities, upgrade equipment and to do a lot of different things to improve the experience of your practice that would otherwise be out of reach. As a result, growing your revenue is a key component to delivering the best possible service and improving patient satisfaction.
3. To impart a great Legacy
Through medical marketing, you will be able to have more patients and serve more people. Your patients and the people around you will forever remember your existence as a doctor and the impression you left on them in their lives. By reaching more patients and helping more people, you will be making the world a better place to live while also experiencing more success in your practice.
The competition in the medical field is increasing with each passing year. So do your best at reaching out to more patients. Market yourself and see how much of a difference it can make in not only your practice but the lives of the patients you are able to help as well.