Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tips to Get Your Clients to Trust and Like You

You may have wondered what exactly does that mean or you've thought networking is great but what really is it going to do for me. The term networking is key and it is so important. You may think I'm just an internet marketing company what will networking do for me? Or you think I do SEO tools and write programs shouldn't I network with computers. Well yes but not exactly. Business is built on relationships and people. You can't forget the reason that you got into the business because you were passionate about it and you found a need where others couldn't. You founded your organization based on your passions and what you wanted to share with your future clients, whatever your business is you know you are the one that can provide the best service, the best value and the best product. Now the trick is to get and keep clients, and have them trust and like you and your brand. How do you do this?
1. Jump in and make a splash!
The first part of your project is key to building a successful relationship. In the first stages of the project the client will how you respond to them and also how you will be handling their account. Make this time count. This time also helps you to understand your client and how they would like their account handled. Try sending your new clients a note to explain what you need from them and what you will be providing so they understand expectations and a time frame. Try to create a spread sheet with issues that you want to tackle and handle throughout the project, making a reasonable time line for you and your client to adhere to. Make notes and ask your client to make notes and always include a solution section so that you both understand what is needed.
Why they will adore you: You have fair expectations from both parties Your client understands what you are going to be solving for them You identified big opportunities (issues and solutions) Confirmation they made a good decision by bringing you on
2. Check in, share, and collaborate
Email your point of contact throughout every step. Allow them time to give you feedback and to offer potential opportunities. If your client just wants you to "do the work" or they don't have time to communicate with you about the project along the way you both risk an unhappy party. Let them know you value their time but you want to provide them with a successful product they will also appreciate. Ask them for suggestions and ideas even the most mundane tasks a client can weigh in on, choosing a back ground color or photo, try to give them 3 options if they are super busy. Ask your client if there is anything they are trying to push, and if you can help them push it you can gain even more loyalty points!
Why they will adore you: They will feel included in the process and that their opinions count You delivered pertinent recommendations and confirmed what a great idea it was to bring you in. You helped get one of their objectives pushed through quickly.
3. Respect their time
This is key to building a good relationship. A company can love you and your personality but if you don't respect their time commitments and their business you risk losing them as a client. Set clear time goals, also ask them what their time commitments are currently. Promptly return calls and emails and always try to use the rule 15mins ahead is on time.
Why they will adore you: They will know you value their company and their time Time=$$$$ Neither one of you want to waste either You are courtous and they know they can count on you You reaffirmed their reasons for hiring you over a competitor yet again! WAY 2 GO!
4. CALL THEM- - Call them- call them!
This goes with out saying... just keep up the line of communication and practice follow up calls and emails. Our general rule of thumb is a call every 3weeks to check on costumers and make sure we are fulfilling their needs, and then follow up with an email. We also like to follow up every phone call with an email to reaffirm what we are going to be working on and check in again to make sure we've answered all questions.
Why they will adore you: They know you care Even when they don't understand they know your available to speak with them, even if they don't remind themselves they know you'll be giving them a health check call You go over questions with them and check up on them throughout the duration of your releationship. You'd call someone your dating right well now its like your dating your clients. You keep up the relationship and know whats going on with their company objectivies.
5. Confirm to their work style
Your in business to provide a service, what that means is that the costumer is right. You need to confirm to their work style. If they want you to call them at night-then call at night. If they operate business opening at 3am schedule your calls around them. If they like to follow up weekly or even daily schedule it in your calendar to remind your self. Check with them on the best time to call or email. Check with them how often they would like to communicate with you throughout the project. Keep their business model. Show real interest in their business, if you know NOTHING about spiders but you work with spider web & arachnid then pick up a book and learn.
Why they will adore you: People appreciate when you show interest in what they are doing You are passionate about your product and business model so are they You respect them as a professional and show that you care When you show them you care about their product and are making an effort to understand it they care more about your business and services you can provide them You can upsell more by understanding what their needs are You show them that you are in the business of service and you will do what ever it takes to provide great service
6. Build a relationship with your client and with the company
Relationships build trust and build repeat clients. Take them out to lunch or for coffee, get to know them on a personal level and your professional relationship will soar. They will want to work with you more and trust you if they feel like they are working with a friend.
Why they will adore you: Your now their BFF visiting them in person or taking them for coffee shows commitment They will build a connection with you and learn more about you and your company
7. Go the extra mile- do work they didn't even know they needed, provide something for them they can't get anywhere else
You want to go above and beyond for your client and this means finding out what they need before they even know they need anything. Planing ahead shows the client you care about their business succeeding and not just about making your self and your company a quick buck. You want to keep them as a long term client and you want them to succeed. Make suggestions of what you can do for them. At this point they should trust you and you will have established a relationship so you need to show them that you are looking out for their bottom line. Try to provide them services for free along with their package, they didn't sign up for something extra but it'll only take you 3 minutes go ahead and do it for them. Give them more then they expect and they will stay by your company for years to come.